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Seattle Easter Boat Parade

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Parade Start time – 2:00 pm
Registered Vessel Line Up & Check-In: 1:45 pm

“PNW Get Creative – Decorate Your Boat Float”

Seattle Easter Boat Parade is on Saturday, April 3, 2021 – Register Today, if you haven’t already! This is our 2nd Annual Easter Boat Float Parade. Boats decorate in colorful Easter Themes, there’s a lot of hot pinks, purple, blue, yellow and mint green blow-up bunnies, balloons, creative decorations and more. Per usual, the Seattle Easter Boat Parade welcomes all vessels; powerboats, yachts, sailboats, sport fishers, commercial fishing boats, charter boats, workboats, tugs, superyachts and PNW research vessels. We encourage skiffs, tenders, dinghies, kayaks, rowboats, and paddle boarders; please bring up the rear of the parade at the tail end.

We hope you’ll join our Seattle Easter Boat Parade this spring while practicing safe Pacific Northwest boating, rain or shine; Seattle boaters always prevail – the April 3rd Easter Boat Parade is on. While making the most of every Easter cruising opportunity and memory, we appreciate NW wise boating while underway. Captains lead by positive boat handing examples, boats in a line for the parade, follow the leader and bunny trail. We look forward to your participation in our Annual Seattle Easter ‘Boat Float’ Parade. The route starts on South Lake Union to the Ballard Locks for a turn around, ending at Fishermen’s Terminal, just west of the Ballard Bridge.  

Seattle Christmas Boat Parade and Seattle Easter Boat Parade are in the same Boat Parade Family. www.SeattleChristmasBoatParade.com  The December 2020 Christmas Boat Parade was another amazing PNW success. We supported Seattle Children’s Hospital and had an amazing Toy Drive, Santa doesn’t let a pandemic stop him. For the Seattle Easter Boat Parade, we are encouraging boaters to join our ‘Passport Challenge’ Supporting Fishermen’s Terminal Local Business. Encouraging, strength, unity, community and local business support in the Northwest.

Seattle Easter Boat Parade, Presented By:

Salty Dog Family of Companies

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