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All registered boats, who have signed up for the Seattle Easter Boat Parade and plan to join us on Saturday, April 8th , agree to participate in the – “Parade Challenge” Presented by Salty Dog Boating – Supporting Local Businesses! This means: When Captains and or boat owners pick up their registered vessel – assigned number at Fishermen’s Terminal on either date: April 6th or April 7th – As price of admittance Boat Owners/Captains – agree to spend a minimum of $25. At ‘One’ of the following businesses at Fishermen’s Terminal, as shown below on the Parade Challenge. Support Local, help encourage business owners and staff who are hit extremely hard in these unprecedented pandemic times!

Our Family of Seattle Boat Parades: — Always make the most of every opportunity to give back and support those in need in our local community! For Instance: The ‘Seattle Christmas Boat Parade’ – Annually in December – With vessel registration/admittance – vessels participate in our Annual “Seattle Children’s Hospital Toy Drive.” Each Boat Owner/Captain drops off 2 Toys as admittances to be in the Parade. We always have an amazing turnout; loading up a semi truck of Toys for Christmas, supporting Seattle Children’s Hospital.

“TOY DRIVE AT CHRISTMAS TO: Seattle Children’s Hospital”


Seattle Easter Boat Parade: Parade Challenge Brochures will be distributed at the same time Boat Owners and Captains (Any size of vessel is welcome, underway by power or paddle) pick up the Easter Boat Parade Registered #’s at Fishermen’s Terminal. Those who were in our 2020, 2021, 2022 Seattle Easter Boat Parade – you know the drill. We appreciate your time, awesome fun spirit while decorating your boats in Easter Theme’s and with great PNW teamwork!

Thank you so much for supporting our local businesses!

Parade Challenge Dates:
Starts On: April 6, 2023
End Date On: July 1, 2023

How do you become a winner?
Before or on July 1, 2023 winners who fill out the entire Parade Challenge Brochure – Must Spend $25. Minimum – at each of the #8 locations/businesses ($25. Minimum Per Business Location!) at Fishermen’s Terminal included in this brochure Parade Challenge. – After full completion – will then email a photo with all #8 filled out: each must be filled out in full: Date, Amount & Business Owner or Staff Signature in all #8 locations. Good Luck – Support Local!

How will you know if you won?
Email you’re fully filled out ‘Parade Challenge’ Photo to: [email protected]
After the Seattle Easter Boat Parade and Salty Dog Boating Team have verified and confirmed all #8 filled out locations – you will be declared a winner and receive amazing prizes. A Salty Dog Boating Team member will contact you with winner details.


Parade Challenge – Special Notes:

  • All 8 Businesses included in the Parade Challenge must be filled out in full to win.
  • At each business included in the Challenge – you must spend a minimum of $25.
  • If you lose your partially filled out or fully filled out: Challenge Brochure – You’re SOL – Don’t lose it!
  • The only way to declare the “Winner(s)” is to email a photo of your filled-out brochure.
  • Yes, there can be multiple “Winners!”
  • As admittance to ‘Seattle Easter Boat Parade’ – you must fill out at least one of the #8 businesses on the Challenge to be in the April Parade.
  • You DO NOT – have to be in the ‘Seattle Easter Boat Parade’ to participate in this 2023 Challenge, Supporting Local Businesses at Fishermen’s Terminal.
  • If you’re not in the ‘Seattle Easter Boat Parade’ – and you want to participate in the 2022 Passport Challenge – you may get a Challenge Brochure at – ‘Fishermen’s Green Market & Deli’ at Fishermen’s Terminal.  Everyone in the PNW is welcome and encouraged to participate – Support Local, Let’s Go!

Inquiries about the Parade Challenge Send To [email protected]

What are Winning – Prizes? — TBA: They will be amazing…
Boots on the ground/dock – working on Epic Prizes NOW – Stay Tuned!!!

Remember this!

Seattle Easter Boat Parade, Parade Challenge 2023, Presented By:
Salty Dog Family of Companies

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