• Seattle Easter Boat Parade, WA Ship Canal, Lake Union, Ballard Locks, Ballard Bridge, Salty Dog Boating

Saturday, April 8, 2023 — Easter Parade Start Time: 2:00pm

Start – In Front of: “White Swam Public House” next to “Dukes Seafood” on South Lake Union, Seattle
End – At Fishermen’s Terminal, NW Dock, West Side of the Ballard Bridge

  • 1st Lead Boat – On board is “Salty Dog” Per Usual – Registered Vessels check-in with “Salty Dog” on VHF 68 at 1:45pm – for parade line up

Boat Parade, Bunny Trail – Follow the Land Marks:

  1. White Swan Public House – Start
  2. Dukes Seafood
  3. Daniel’s Boiler
  4. Center For Wooden Boats
  5. Museum of History & Industry
  6. Kenmore Air
  7. AGC Building
  8. China Harbor Restaurant
  9. Morrison’s Fuel Dock – Judges Location
  10. Fremont Bridge – 30 ft. Clearance
  11. Google, Fremont Cut
  12. Western Towboat
  13. Foss Shipyard
  14. Trident Seafoods Old Yard
  15. Coastal Transportation
  16. Northern Lights Marine Generators
  17. Seattle Maritime Academy
  18. Ballard Bridge – 44 ft. Clearance
  19. Ballard Industrial
  20. Covich Williams Co
  21. Pacific Fishermen Shipyard – U-Turn Spot
  22. Ballard Oil Company – U- Turn Spot
  23. Salmon Bay Marine Center
  24. Fishermen’s Terminal, NW Dock – Ending – W. of Ballard Bridge

Be sure to Hoopla and Holler when you pass by the ‘Parade Judges’ at Morrison’s Fuel Dock. Top off your tanks, fuel up before the Seattle Easter Boat Parade and ask for the: Special Fuel Discount by using Discount Code: # Seattle Easter Boat Parade

Thank you ‘JoAhna K’ for being our Lead Boat! Many thanks to Captain Jack and Family for their awesome, seasoned, salty teamwork! Easter Boat Parade Vessels: Line up behind ‘JoAhna K’ – she’ll be jogging in front of ‘White Swan’ follow the bunny trail, while we have an amazing 4th Annual Seattle Easter Boat Parade. ‘Salty Dog’ is on the lead boat, VHF 68, Line Up Check In at 1:45pm – Parade Start at: 2:00pm – Follow the Leader!

We look forward to seeing many of our annual ‘Seattle Christmas Boat Parade’ participants, who were very generous in supporting ‘Seattle Children’s Hospital’ Toy Drive last December. We are excited to have many of the same boats, participants and more…. in our ‘Seattle Easter Boat Parade’ this spring joining our next TBA – supporting local businesses at Fishermen’s Terminal!

Thank You For Supporting Local Businesses!!!